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8 vs 8 Season 2
IRC: bfstuff @quakenet
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: on
Players limit: 50
User's teams: YES (limit: 1)

Divisions up! 2015-01-25 13:08, flag Seba

February comes, and so does the Battlefield 3...

Divisions are now made and rules updated!

What do you think about the divisions? If you think they're uneven with some way let us know - write here or contact the admins. After the matches are made the structure of the divisions will be final. Matches will be created 28.1. so untill that there's time to debate of the stucture. Idea is to have 2 even divisions, because after the regular season there will be play-offs coming!

Rules are now updated, read them through carefully! The most important changes are listed here:


* NO-SHOW victory is now 150 tickets for a map

* Instructions for draw case situations are written

* Season and play-off stucture explained

* Cheating and bug-usage issues extended, more detailed and clarified

* Last date to edit your squad freely is 31.1.! After that adding or removing players into your squad can be done only by admins approval


Next week it will be live... Clans will know their match schedule at 28.1., after that you can start to arrange your match dates and times!

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5vs5 CQ? 2015-01-23 10:54, flag Seba
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Full season options 2015-01-20 22:58, flag Seba

2 or 1... one for two?

Atleast for now according to the poll it looks like people are prefering to play a season instead of a cup. Playing a season means that every team in a division will face each others once & the final ranking will form up by the points gathered and tickets won during the season - the basic system we're running here at BNL. Of course theres still more time left to vote than there's now been to do it, so things can change. But, if it's going to be a full season - important question is should we do one or two divisions. Most likely we're going to have 11 clans participating this BF3 happening, there's atleast one more team joining these near upcoming days. The skill differences are rather hard to evaluate nowdays... Is there any? :)


1 Division system = atleast 9-10 matches for every participating team, season will take 10 weeks to finish (would take around half of april to get every match played)

2 Divisions = 4-5 matches for each of the participating teams on both divisions. Season will take around a month and a week or two to be played through.

Dont get greedy, if this brings the BF3 8vs8 scene back to alive there's more seasons and action to come! But if we're going to 2 divisions -system then I'd really like to hear the team leaders / captains into which division their team would like to be placed at - highest or the second best skill! :) Teams would get splitted into a group of 5-6 teams for a single division.

Post your thoughts here into this comment or send me an PM here with the messenger! Also if you want we can get a bit wacky here - how about 2 equal skill divisions & play-offs after those are finished? It's possible to arrange. TOP 2 teams from both divisions would play single KO play-offs after the season... It's all up to the teams how you want to roll this. Or only top 1 teams from both divisions would face each others in a single final match? I cannot confirm yet but we're trying to organize streaming for some of the matches. More info of that later.

Give us your opinion, anonymous or public, and we're going to settle the best compromise for everybody.

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Rules for WC2015 2015-01-18 19:38, flag Seba


Remember folks there will be B2K maps like there's always been at BNL @ BF3! First round at WEEK 6 will be a classic one, Caspian & Shargi... Match consists of some serious air rumble at Caspian and ultimate try-harded land tactics at Shargi. And yes, the rules have been now updated a bit. Like written earlier, there's not going to be any changes into the restictions nor in-game structures. Final rules just cannot be written yet - there will be some teams more joining into this cup! And, after we've seen what people would like to play - cup or a season - the rules will be finalized. That will happen at latest 28.1., after that the rules are sealed.

There will be an update coming concerning the cheating/bug usage -issues during the upcoming week. We're not going to force every player to record or stream their gameplay, but we highly encourage you to do so! If there's some prostest done recordings or streams are the best evidence/proofs in those situation. 480p is enough to prove you're not guilty. So be clean and nice, fallen ones are dirty... The more proofs we have from in-game situations the better we can deal with the cheating issues.

Let's bring BF3 back to life...

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Division 1
1. flag Xapso Awards 14p
2. flag mYw Awards 10p
3. flag *HMC* Awards 7p
4. flag VIP Awards 6p
5. flag eXp 4p
6. flag [TB] 4p

Division 2
1. flag CrackClan Awards 14p
2. flag LtX Awards 12p
3. flag HeX Awards 10p
4. flag 1430 Awards 6p
5. flag CliQue Awards 3p
6. flag =IRF= Awards 0p

Division 3
1. flag Awards 13p
2. flag PGC Awards 13p
3. flag RNG Awards 10p
4. flag HeX Awards 6p
5. flag [W] 3p
6. flag BFV 0p

Division 4
1. flag [inz] Awards 14p
2. flag dfn Awards 12p
3. flag TB Awards 9p
4. flag [BS] 6p
5. flag =BF30= Awards 4p
6. flag -CN- Awards 0p

Division 5
1. flag TOP Awards 17p
2. flag Druidz Awards 14p
3. flag CoF Awards 9p
4. flag =[FiRe]= Awards 9p
5. flag cG 7p
6. flag Dads Awards 7p
7. flag [K] 0p

Division 6
1. flag [AnVl] Awards 18p
2. flag Ikast Awards 15p
3. flag ViT Awards 11p
4. flag =FDS= 8p
5. flag =[OG]= 6p
6. flag [AS] 5p
7. flag [K+] 0p


Full season options
2015-01-23 17:33
by namelessone
Tough question. With 1 division, te...
Full season options
2015-01-23 00:41
by Jabberwock
1 DIVISION if its settled its gonna...
Full season options
2015-01-22 13:17
by Marz
I would vote for 1 division or 2 di...
Full season options
2015-01-21 15:38
by snaci
Top 2 playing single KO looks nice....
Rules for WC2015
2015-01-18 21:51
by Seba
Well, to be honest you know the ans...
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