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More BF3 8vs8 after this cup?
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11 (79%)
2 (14%)
Hell NO!
1 (7%)
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8 vs 8 Season 2
IRC: bfstuff @quakenet
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: off
Players limit: 50
User's teams: YES (limit: 1)
Play-offs are soon here... 2015-02-27 10:41, flag Seba

Division B - TOP 2 teams are Legends and HLM

These teams will advance to play-offs, and against whom - we will find out soon! Sadly we havent been able to stream and cast any of these BF3 matches so far, casting a BF3 match isn't that simple and BF4 runs over it when it. Hopefully we could get at least these play-off matches casted.

But, would you like to play some more BF3 8vs8 after this cup?! There's a common poll up for everybody to vote at. How's it been to play without default match date, only default forced date? It seems like most of the matches still have been played on sundays 20:00 CET. Was this concept wierd or hard? Would it be better if clans could move their match dates freely during the whole season? Free word - feedback from players and leaders as individuals are appreciated.


Play-offs consist of 4 matches all in all, semi-finals and finals (gold and bronze -game). When the semi-final pairs are settled, we'll start to search possible match dates right away. There's no default nor forced dates for the play-offs, the idea is to find good match date for both of the matching clans so that they can get their top knotch -line-up there. We will bend the schema so that these matches needs to be played during march!

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Team Katyusha out 2015-02-20 20:18, flag Seba
Team Katyusha will drop out from BF3 cup. All matches against them will be no-show victories.
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First round played! 2015-02-09 16:57, flag Seba


 The first round of the WinterCup's been played. There was some great fights and hopefully more to come! Though, some problems aswell. Here's some briefly:

||| Back to Karkand -maps ticket value. I take arrow to my knee on this one, should have written a reminder to you clans that B2K maps are played with DEFENDER 200 tickets - sorry clans, aim your hatered to this admin... :) If  you are using Warcon for a server tool, just write !tickets 200 & you'll get these maps default amount of tickets, that 200 for defender. Now when there's been some matches played with incorrect ticket value we will do leveling to these matches. Leveling is simply a reduce of the amount of ticket differences from the actuall scores. It's not relations, but this is what we've been using. Meaning, if you play Shargi with DEF 250 - 275 ATT tickets, the right value would have been DEF 200 - 220 ATT. So there's 50 and 55 ticket difference (overall reduce from your match tickets amount it -105)

||| And then some smaller issues. Remember to check which perks, items and weapons are allowed and which are not to avoid any protests and unpleasent after games... And raise the fair fight!

||| Servers. It's understandable that there's not that many servers available, we've tried to gather some servers into a list which you can loan / rent for gaming. Big thanks for the owners, they saved some games from this Round 1.! Try to settle servers in time where you're going to match. Home team (whose name is the first one in match description) is the one whose obligated to set up a server for the match.

A bit bumpy start but here we go again...

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BF3 -stuff 2015-02-05 18:51, flag Seba

5vs5 and 1v1

We're looking for admins to run Battlefield 3 5vs5 CQ -league. What or who we're looking for are 1-4 admin team of active players who'd take the league in their hands. What this means, what they should be able to do? Plan the rules set, create seasons and matches, help, guide and controll the players - also write some news! Requirements for the admins are high experience and knowledge of the 5vs5 CQ scene, straight backbone with healtly attitude and manners.  ESL have opened Versus for BF3 again, popularity of the BF3 5vs5 CQ is rising! If you think you could be one of the admins send message to me with this BNL league site messenger.

And - 1vs1 - Now when the jets been raised to the topics again, how about doing some small BF3 Dogfight cup!? There's still many player playing BF3 DF. Maybe some endless looping again, hooah?

Ps. If you're interested the BF3 8vs8 WinterCup has gone live this week, and some of the matches will be streamed. Yes, streamed! Take a look to the BF3 side by clicking this link!

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Ready, set, action! 2015-02-03 07:10, flag Seba

First round is now live!

Part of the matches will be streamed, thanks to Milosh and LevelBF! You can suggest some match to be streamed, just write to the match comments or contact us via some method. Just remember that this requires at least 17 slots on a server, otherwise it wont work. We're right now checking which match could be the first possible one to be streamed... Streams will be announced here as early as possible.

And - good luck to you all and have fun with BF3! Or does luck have anything to do with this..?

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A reminder! 2015-01-29 19:38, flag Seba


Team leaders - Last day to add some new player, edit players ID or remove someone from your squad is this upcoming saturday, 31.1. At the late evening of the day so called transfers will be turned off, meaning squads will be locked. Only via admins action and approval they can be edited. So build up your war machines untill it's late...

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Matches up! 2015-01-28 17:18, flag Seba

Teams have all of their regular season -matches now in their calendar!

All of the matches are now dated on a monday of the current rounds gaming week. Example, next weeks Caspian & Shargi matches are dated 02.02. 00:00 CET - so every match has now there the first possible date and time it can be played. REMEMBER! This is just done because of the technical issues, you have to deal with your opponent suitable date and time for both of you. Possible dates are announced in description of the match. If you cant find a good date, match will be forced to on-going weeks SUNDAY 20:00 CET.

Now this is getting real... Contact your opponents and start scheduling dates! Post your dealed date into the match comments and admins will edit it into the description.

Good luck all and have fun! Giants are in a battle again! Who will be crowned...

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Divisions up! 2015-01-25 13:08, flag Seba

February comes, and so does the Battlefield 3...

Divisions are now made and rules updated!

What do you think about the divisions? If you think they're uneven with some way let us know - write here or contact the admins. After the matches are made the structure of the divisions will be final. Matches will be created 28.1. so untill that there's time to debate of the stucture. Idea is to have 2 even divisions, because after the regular season there will be play-offs coming!

Rules are now updated, read them through carefully! The most important changes are listed here:


* NO-SHOW victory is now 150 tickets for a map

* Instructions for draw case situations are written

* Season and play-off stucture explained

* Cheating and bug-usage issues extended, more detailed and clarified

* Last date to edit your squad freely is 31.1.! After that adding or removing players into your squad can be done only by admins approval


Next week it will be live... Clans will know their match schedule at 28.1., after that you can start to arrange your match dates and times!

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5vs5 CQ? 2015-01-23 10:54, flag Seba
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Full season options 2015-01-20 22:58, flag Seba

2 or 1... one for two?

Atleast for now according to the poll it looks like people are prefering to play a season instead of a cup. Playing a season means that every team in a division will face each others once & the final ranking will form up by the points gathered and tickets won during the season - the basic system we're running here at BNL. Of course theres still more time left to vote than there's now been to do it, so things can change. But, if it's going to be a full season - important question is should we do one or two divisions. Most likely we're going to have 11 clans participating this BF3 happening, there's atleast one more team joining these near upcoming days. The skill differences are rather hard to evaluate nowdays... Is there any? :)


1 Division system = atleast 9-10 matches for every participating team, season will take 10 weeks to finish (would take around half of april to get every match played)

2 Divisions = 4-5 matches for each of the participating teams on both divisions. Season will take around a month and a week or two to be played through.

Dont get greedy, if this brings the BF3 8vs8 scene back to alive there's more seasons and action to come! But if we're going to 2 divisions -system then I'd really like to hear the team leaders / captains into which division their team would like to be placed at - highest or the second best skill! :) Teams would get splitted into a group of 5-6 teams for a single division.

Post your thoughts here into this comment or send me an PM here with the messenger! Also if you want we can get a bit wacky here - how about 2 equal skill divisions & play-offs after those are finished? It's possible to arrange. TOP 2 teams from both divisions would play single KO play-offs after the season... It's all up to the teams how you want to roll this. Or only top 1 teams from both divisions would face each others in a single final match? I cannot confirm yet but we're trying to organize streaming for some of the matches. More info of that later.

Give us your opinion, anonymous or public, and we're going to settle the best compromise for everybody.

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Rules for WC2015 2015-01-18 19:38, flag Seba


Remember folks there will be B2K maps like there's always been at BNL @ BF3! First round at WEEK 6 will be a classic one, Caspian & Shargi... Match consists of some serious air rumble at Caspian and ultimate try-harded land tactics at Shargi. And yes, the rules have been now updated a bit. Like written earlier, there's not going to be any changes into the restictions nor in-game structures. Final rules just cannot be written yet - there will be some teams more joining into this cup! And, after we've seen what people would like to play - cup or a season - the rules will be finalized. That will happen at latest 28.1., after that the rules are sealed.

There will be an update coming concerning the cheating/bug usage -issues during the upcoming week. We're not going to force every player to record or stream their gameplay, but we highly encourage you to do so! If there's some prostest done recordings or streams are the best evidence/proofs in those situation. 480p is enough to prove you're not guilty. So be clean and nice, fallen ones are dirty... The more proofs we have from in-game situations the better we can deal with the cheating issues.

Let's bring BF3 back to life...

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Yes, it will happen! 2015-01-18 10:55, flag Seba


 There's enough participating teams for this cup, so we will organize it! BF3 is back!

But, remember that we're not going to accept teams into this cup who doesnt have atleast 8 active players in their roster. What's an active? The players name is colored as red in teams roster = meaning it's an real account instead of empty shell. Team owner/leader needs to input players Battlelog nick/name into the ID section of hes teams squad.

 Check out the qualified teams. If your team isn't in that list but you're going to participate, please correct your squad or other issues the way you're going to be accepted! If you're having problems with anything (related to the site or BF3, for god sake I'm not Dr. Phil after all) PM me here about it. You can find your messenger located at your profile section lower left section of this page.

Also, we'd like to know what you'd like to play! Should we run somekind of a cup with or without losers brackets or a full season where every team playes once against each others? This WinterCup will be played the way you like it to be... GIVE YOUR VOTE TO THAT POLL! Last date to vote is 25.1.

So, here we go! There's still time to fix your team/squad issues, so during the upcoming 2 weeks you can build up your team. ONCE THE CUP HAVE STARTED TEAMS CANNOT REMOVE OR ADD PLAYERS WITHOUT ADMINS APPROVAL! Build up your band before the gig starts... But, if you face some serial issues with your players during the cup, it's still possible to change the line-up, just not without admins approval and actions. Freelancer rule will be as it is now, so as long as your opponent accepts freelancers they're free to use. After all, this is purely for the fun here - so lets keep it as fluid and open as possible.


Schedule : first date to be able to play will be 02.02., against whom and how - you'll find that later. During the days 25.-28.1. we're going to create the groups and update the rules. Hopefully all team issues are solved untill that, though there still is possibility to some changes/updates afterwards.

The gaming date : Negotiate with your upcoming opponent which date and time you could face each others. You have to have 1 match per week (if we're going for a full season -mode, then the schedule can be more flexible!). If teams cannot find a suitable date for gaming, then admins will force the date. Forced date & time will be SUNDAY 20:00 CET. So, briefly - we're not going to have a default gaming date, only default forced time!



Not that many teams have BF3 servers anymore. So we're starting to collect a list of servers to the site where you can play your matches at. Of course you're allowed to use your own servers, more preferable that way, but we're trying to help you teams a bit to be able to find an altar/shrine for your matches. PLEASE POST HERE IN THIS TOPIC IF YOUR TEAM / YOU'D BE WILLING TO LOAN YOUR SERVER FOR THESE WinterCup MATCHES!


 Any questions? Free word people, ask allmost anything you have on your mind... Here we go again!

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BF3 Wintercup sign-up open! 2014-12-18 18:53, flag Seba

We've opened sign-up for Battlefield 3 8vs8 Wintercup! You can now create a new team consisting of atleast 8 players or sign your allready existing team into it from main menu's SIGN-UP link.

Rules will be updated after the sign-up time has ended (sign-up will end at 18.01.2015) if there's atleast 12 teams signed for the cup. And yes, this will be a fast single elimination cup without losers bracket - main idea is to test is there still interest into BF3 8vs8 gaming. For this cup to happen the minimum amount of participating clans will be 12 and maximum amount of 16.

How, what, when, why?! Here's the main concept (quite) shortly:

***Gaming phase will be one match per week. All in all 4 rounds, meaning 4 weeks. For one round theres 7 days to play it (example week 7. monday -> sunday), no default date or time.

***Teams doenst have to accepted CET time outside of 19:00 - 21:00, though it's totally open for teams themself to schedule their matches.

*** In-game rules concept will follow the current Rules -page Season 6 concept. No changes there except these round and time -issues. One match = 2 maps & overall ticket amount decides the winner, 1 airmap & 1 ground map.

***Gaming will start WEEK 6. (02.02.)


So, here we go again! Spread the word, install BF3, and let the airforces rumble once again!


EDIT 20.12. - If we can get atleast 6 clans signed for this, we'll organize some kind of a cup or season to play at! More info later.

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