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8 vs 8 Season 2
IRC: bfstuff @quakenet
Sign ups: YES
Sign up limit: 2015-01-17 23:59/16 Teams
Transfers: on
Players limit: 50
User's teams: YES (limit: 1)
BF3 Wintercup sign-up open! 2014-12-18 18:53, flag Seba

We've opened sign-up for Battlefield 3 8vs8 Wintercup! You can now create a new team consisting of atleast 8 players or sign your allready existing team into it from main menu's SIGN-UP link.

Rules will be updated after the sign-up time has ended (sign-up will end at 18.01.2015) if there's atleast 12 teams signed for the cup. And yes, this will be a fast single elimination cup without losers bracket - main idea is to test is there still interest into BF3 8vs8 gaming. For this cup to happen the minimum amount of participating clans will be 12 and maximum amount of 16.

How, what, when, why?! Here's the main concept (quite) shortly:

***Gaming phase will be one match per week. All in all 4 rounds, meaning 4 weeks. For one round theres 7 days to play it (example week 7. monday -> sunday), no default date or time.

***Teams doenst have to accepted CET time outside of 19:00 - 21:00, though it's totally open for teams themself to schedule their matches.

*** In-game rules concept will follow the current Rules -page Season 6 concept. No changes there except these round and time -issues. One match = 2 maps & overall ticket amount decides the winner, 1 airmap & 1 ground map.

***Gaming will start WEEK 6. (02.02.)


So, here we go again! Spread the word, install BF3, and let the airforces rumble once again!


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Battlefield 3? 2014-11-18 17:11, flag Seba


Should BNL run some kind of a cup/tournament/season of old BF3 8vs8?

This idea popped on the surface some time ago. Would there be enough teams interested to rumble again with Battlefield 3? Same rules set which we had for the latest 8vs8 season, link to those (exception - default time of the matches wouldn't overlap with other leagues):

We're going to run a poll on Battlefield 3 -side of this league concerning it. Teams from european countries and nearby would be welcome! Due lag/ping/timezone issues we cannot accept any US or Asian teams.

TELL US WHAT YOU THINK?! Pure maddnesss or an superb idea!?


Planned schedule/timetable: starting January-February 2015, open



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BF2 Signup 2014-03-31 00:11, flag Adyman
As you know, the BF2 cup is coming soon and you guys are starting to sign up, but some people have been asking me whether they need to sign their players up to the teams, and yes you do. All teams should add all their players to the team on our website. And to any team who hasn't yet signed up, what are you waiting for? Join in on the fun!
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Season 6- finish! 2013-10-20 09:51, flag Seba

After some troubles & hard times Season 6 still got pulled through and it's finished. And of course we got winners - congratulations to Catalyst Gaming for winning Division 1 and Team Hansi for crushing Division 2! These teams were the last winners of Battlefield 3 8vs8 @ BNL. We all knew that Season 6 would become a hard season; so few active teams left and this common attitude towards BF3 gaming was shadowing the season right from the beginning, but we never thought half of the matches would be no shows / WO's... But still good to see there were some great matches played! So we didnt do this just for vain.

Thanks to all of the teams whose been playing here at BNL! Now this is the end for BF3, for real! No more polls of "play another BF3 season?", we're aiming to BF4 now. So, lets get into that topic!

So, 2 weeks and it's published. We've got our hands into alpha & beta of it, which have brought some mixed experiences and feelings. But remember that before it's out no judgements shouldnt be done. But when it's out, we'll start to check it out right away how it works for 8vs8 gaming! For now yes we're planning to continue this league into BF4 gaming, concentrading into 8vs8 gameplay. BNL is still going to be "fun league" instead of money prizes nor hardcore pro e-Sport league, the concept we are having now is going to be continued! Maybe we can get some events/seasons where could be some prizes for the highest skill, but mainly this will be just for the GG's! More of this will be announced later.

Every skill level is welcome! No matter if your team is the highest elite of BF gaming or just build up group of freshmens, we're going to create divisions for each skill level. How the seasons and divisions will be build up is going to be announced later when we all have seen the game itself. Also the rules concept will be announced after we've tested it carefully and asked opinions from YOU. What I can say now of it; well, there's going to be vehicles... :)

About the site itself - our webmaster caponx's been checking out various options to update this site into a different system, it's an on-going work under a progress atm., more of that later. So, lets wait some days and then start this hazzle again! Hopefully BF4 will fulfill the expectations and we're going to have a game worth of playing!

Best regards,
yours truly,
the Admins

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Downtime 2013-09-24 22:06, flag Jonne

We are sorry for the downtime thats been the last couple of days.
Unfortunetly our provider has had some problems to keep the site going, hoppefully the site will be up from here on without any bigger problems.

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Admins Wanted! 2013-09-22 20:28, flag Jonne

We at BNL are looking at the moment for 1-2 admins for the league that feels they have a high knowledge about the competitive Battlefield scene and that wants to help us to get BNL eaven better.

At the moment we are 3 people in the crew.
Its me Jonne and  Seba as admins and also Caponx as out webmaster but we feel that there is atleast some more people needed to the crew before the release of Battlefield 4.

We cant promise you bags of gold when you join the crew but we can promise you a nice group of people that you will work with and a lot of fun if you feel that you have the time and will to work with us.
The only thing we really ask from you is that you think once again about your situation before ur apply to us as admin if you really want to work with it and you really have the time, if the answer is yes, well then send a mail to and we will contact you asap.


P.s  - if you are a hell of a good on website coding and you want to work with the website, well then feel free to contact us ;D

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One more player kicked out. 2013-09-20 10:21, flag Jonne

We have today taken the decission to block one more player ( MAaRiAn0 ) from this league.
We have during the years had a few incidents like this in the league and we are and we will stay hard on this point - As long as your name is on the ggc ban ur not allowed to play in BNL.

So make sure to keep your gaming clean.

We admins cant ofcource look trough every singel player that regsiters on the site so we appriciate if you see something spooky that u report it to someone in the crew and we will look on it.

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Dark times... 2013-09-17 12:09, flag Seba

Season 6 - dark times for Battlefield gaming...

First round is played; 6 matches, 3 of them are no shows/WO's, 1 huge mess and only 2 real matches. Now teams logiX , iPlay and wood are allready out of Season 6. All of the matches against them will be nulled today, given WO for the active clans.

For the admins this is extremely sad to read & see that teams sign up, confirm they're going to play and then quit like this. We got so few clans signed for Season 6, and now the whole season is shrinkening into ridicilous measures. To remaining clans - we'll still continuing this season and hopefully we'll see some good games instead of flame parties.

 For the sake of better times,
the Admins crew

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wood out of Season 6 2013-09-12 21:29, flag Seba
wood (Wood Made Player) is out of Season 6. Team havent done acceptable squad ready before the first match and they havent showed up to the first CW. Rest matches of Season 6 from wood will be default WO's for rest of the Division 2 teams.
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One more team added! 2013-09-10 20:26, flag Seba


Welcome to the  HPH (Henpecked Husbands)! We added one more team to fill the cap in Division 2 - matches for them are up & dates input into the schedule. This thursdays 12.09. enemy, aQ is allowed to chage the date of Caspian / Shargi match if thursday comes too fast.  More the merrier right! Hopefully this still doesnt mess up any teams schedules. GL & HF!

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Season 6 - kill em all! 2013-09-08 22:05, flag Seba


Soon we'll fire it up again! Meaning BNL 8vs8 Season, the last BF3 Season! Whose going to leave BF3 fields with the latest golden stars..? Atleast when looking to the team rosters there's going to be really intense fights ahead!

Matches will be up today, so you can start scheduling your wars! Good luck & have fun people! Rules will be updated when MAV / Beacon -poll ends, otherwise the rules are in their final shape! Read them through once more, fight fair and hard & be a good boy/girl; maybe Santa will reward us with an improved Battlefield as a early x-mas present!

At the moment we are discussing of BF4; how & where & with whom & what. We'll keep you informed when we've build up the first big picture of Nordic Leagues concept there.

 B.R.,  Jonne & Seba

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Season 6 official rules concep 2013-09-01 13:34, flag Seba


Official rules concept for Season 6 has been published. Here's the main points what's changed from previous season:

/// Freelancers - anyone can be a freelancer for any team, it's all about teams to accept the usage of freelancers. Team can use maximum of two freelancers in a match. REMEMBER! Team is allowed not to accept gaming with freelancers! It's not laming and shouldnt be flamed about, concept of freelancer still is to give teams an option to find a player/players to get a full squad for the match. Not to get the maddest chopper duo for pwning the match...

/// Transfers / Squad editing - clans are allowed to edit their squad throughout the whole season (add and remove players) without timelimit. We're still watching for constant team hopping; this rule change is made for teams to ease getting a full 8 men squad for a match.

Elsewise things are staying the same! So, here it goes live soon... 12.09. is the date when the first match will be played! Maps : Caspian / Shargi

Pre-divisions have been published. This season it looks like every clan has really good players in their squad! It'll be hard to create equal divisions skill-wise, but give your opinion of the ones we've created here! Every clan would play once against each others, so for DIV 1 clans season consists of 5 matches and for DIV 2 clans 4 matches.

TEAM OWNERS / LEADERS! Remember to input your players Battlelog name into the squad ID section and make players active (active players names are colored RED)! Example:

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Only 1 Division? 2013-08-28 16:21, flag Seba


What do you clans think if Season 6 would be played with only 1 large division, meaning every participating clan would play once against each other. Before saying anything else, knock this idea down or support it! Also one option could be doing 2 divisions where clans would play twice against each others.

blank blank comments | 5
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