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2016-01-02 New Website, Season 8 and more2015-10-08 New partners & Round 12015-05-09 Last date to play2015-04-13 Matches up!2015-04-12 Ban from Veerx removed
Latest matches
0:400 | flag [K] vs cG flag 0:721 | flag ViT vs [AnVl] flag 34:372 | flag =FDS= vs Ikast flag 400:0 | flag =[OG]= vs [AS] flag 256:409 | flag CoF vs TOP flag
8 vs 8 Season 2
IRC: bfstuff @quakenet
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: on
Players limit: 300
User's teams: YES (limit: 1)
2015-03-31Is SUNDAY fine as a default match date? NO
2015-02-27More BF3 8vs8 after this cup? NO
2015-01-28Whose going to win this cup? NO
2015-01-18The schema for WC 2015? NO
2014-11-18Play some more BF3?! NO
2013-09-02S6 - Allowe Spawnbeacon & MAV? NO
2013-07-25BNL and BF4 - continue there? NO
2013-07-10One more 8vs8 Season? NO
2013-06-14Arrange 3vs3 Close Quarters cup?! NO
2013-05-16Summer gaming? Pick your favorite! NO
2013-04-28Rate our new layout NO
2013-03-03Would you participate in a Season 5 ? NO
2013-01-09Include Aftermath maps into upcoming season? NO
2012-12-14EU Teams ? NO
2012-11-11Would you want to play 1 more season ? NO
2012-09-27What maps do u want to play ?!? NO
2012-07-05Jets or No Jets ? NO
2012-02-27What is your overall experience of BNL so far ? NO
2012-01-19You want to play 1 or 2 maps ?!? NO
2012-01-12Play B2K maps or not ? NO
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