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5 vs 5 Summer Cup


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5 vs 5 Summer Cup
IRC: bfstuff @quakenet
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: on
Players limit: 300
User's teams: YES (limit: 1)

Last date to play 2015-05-09 10:09, flag Seba
If these matches are going to be played, tomorrow 10.5. is the last possible date to play them.
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Matches up! 2015-04-13 09:53, flag Seba

Spring rush matches are created!

Default match day is the current rounds sunday. Every match is now scheduled to sundays but teams are allowed to change the date freely within the time limit of : 13.04.-10.05.

 Rules will have slight changes made today, mainly adding more specific details to forced recording -issues and players account usage.

Good luck & have fun! This will be the last BF3 8vs8 tournament ran by me here, and maybe ran by the whole BNL. Most likely during the summer BNL website will be closed and the league will get shifted under the LevelBF's sites.

EDIT: we recieved a message from cR that they're not able to participate into this cup, matches will be re-made without them.

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Ban from Veerx removed 2015-04-12 12:31, flag Seba

During the Winter cup cR's player iVerX was banned due MBi entries. After trying to clear the origin of these bans and having no clarifying reply from PBbans crew of where these entries came and why they were MPi sublinked to him, he's ban is now removed and hes allowed to play normally.

Apologies to him due this - it really looks like these were biased MBi entries there!

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BF3 8vs8 Cup! 2015-03-31 17:35, flag Seba

One more Battlefield 3 8vs8 -cup incoming!

During this spring BNL will arrange one more BF3 8vs8 cup, called Spring Rush!

It's going to be a smaller and faster league season comparing to the previous Winter Cup. Spring rush consists of three different divisions (Skills: 1. HIGH, 2. MID, 3. LOW). Minimum amount of teams for a division is 4 teams - meaning there have to be at least 4 teams participating for a skill that this level will be organized. There's no play-offs after the season. Whole cup will be played within the time limit of : 13.4.2015 - 29.5.2015

Sign-ups are open, so check the rules and sign in if you want to rumble with BF3 once more! Check more from our BF3 section, you can get there by clicking this link : BF3 Section

Ps. This has nothing to do with Rush -game mode - pure CQ cup!

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Last date to play
2015-05-12 19:48
by BlueDayz
I believe every match has been play...
2015-05-10 22:46
by flyza
Sharqi:1. round: ok 150 - 0 fU (WO)...
2015-05-10 21:42
by Renzolina
GGResults:Caspian 1. round: HLM 228...
2015-05-10 21:10
by epicJESUS
so guys it was 230 win for us us si...
ok vs FU
2015-05-09 15:47
by BlueDayz
Hello,Firestorm:1. round: ok 0 - 10...
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