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BF2 Signup 2014-03-31 00:11, flag Adyman
As you know, the BF2 cup is coming soon and you guys are starting to sign up, but some people have been asking me whether they need to sign their players up to the teams, and yes you do. All teams should add all their players to the team on our website. And to any team who hasn't yet signed up, what are you waiting for? Join in on the fun!
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Season 6- finish! 2013-10-20 09:51, flag Seba

After some troubles & hard times Season 6 still got pulled through and it's finished. And of course we got winners - congratulations to Catalyst Gaming for winning Division 1 and Team Hansi for crushing Division 2! These teams were the last winners of Battlefield 3 8vs8 @ BNL. We all knew that Season 6 would become a hard season; so few active teams left and this common attitude towards BF3 gaming was shadowing the season right from the beginning, but we never thought half of the matches would be no shows / WO's... But still good to see there were some great matches played! So we didnt do this just for vain.

Thanks to all of the teams whose been playing here at BNL! Now this is the end for BF3, for real! No more polls of "play another BF3 season?", we're aiming to BF4 now. So, lets get into that topic!

So, 2 weeks and it's published. We've got our hands into alpha & beta of it, which have brought some mixed experiences and feelings. But remember that before it's out no judgements shouldnt be done. But when it's out, we'll start to check it out right away how it works for 8vs8 gaming! For now yes we're planning to continue this league into BF4 gaming, concentrading into 8vs8 gameplay. BNL is still going to be "fun league" instead of money prizes nor hardcore pro e-Sport league, the concept we are having now is going to be continued! Maybe we can get some events/seasons where could be some prizes for the highest skill, but mainly this will be just for the GG's! More of this will be announced later.

Every skill level is welcome! No matter if your team is the highest elite of BF gaming or just build up group of freshmens, we're going to create divisions for each skill level. How the seasons and divisions will be build up is going to be announced later when we all have seen the game itself. Also the rules concept will be announced after we've tested it carefully and asked opinions from YOU. What I can say now of it; well, there's going to be vehicles... :)

About the site itself - our webmaster caponx's been checking out various options to update this site into a different system, it's an on-going work under a progress atm., more of that later. So, lets wait some days and then start this hazzle again! Hopefully BF4 will fulfill the expectations and we're going to have a game worth of playing!

Best regards,
yours truly,
the Admins

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Downtime 2013-09-24 22:06, flag Jonne

We are sorry for the downtime thats been the last couple of days.
Unfortunetly our provider has had some problems to keep the site going, hoppefully the site will be up from here on without any bigger problems.

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Admins Wanted! 2013-09-22 20:28, flag Jonne

We at BNL are looking at the moment for 1-2 admins for the league that feels they have a high knowledge about the competitive Battlefield scene and that wants to help us to get BNL eaven better.

At the moment we are 3 people in the crew.
Its me Jonne and  Seba as admins and also Caponx as out webmaster but we feel that there is atleast some more people needed to the crew before the release of Battlefield 4.

We cant promise you bags of gold when you join the crew but we can promise you a nice group of people that you will work with and a lot of fun if you feel that you have the time and will to work with us.
The only thing we really ask from you is that you think once again about your situation before ur apply to us as admin if you really want to work with it and you really have the time, if the answer is yes, well then send a mail to and we will contact you asap.


P.s  - if you are a hell of a good on website coding and you want to work with the website, well then feel free to contact us ;D

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Season 6- finish!
2013-10-28 18:47
by Seba
Most likely in 8vs8 gaming commande...
Season 6- finish!
2013-10-28 13:47
by too pleased
Do you think you will allow command...
Season 6- finish!
2013-10-23 01:23
by krukan6
Go admins, go admins! See ya in BF...
Season 6- finish!
2013-10-22 13:51
by RobRoy
the Admins ...
One more player kicked out.
2013-10-12 15:44
by Zzzigge
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