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4 vs 4 SQR


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4 vs 4 Sqr Hardcore
IRC: bfstuff @quakenet
Sign ups: YES
Sign up limit: 2015-04-12 23:59/32 Teams
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WinterCup 2015 is over! 2015-03-25 09:05, flag Seba

BF3 8vs8 WinterCup 2015

is finished!

Congratulations to the Foxtrot Unicorn for their victory! They managed to fight their way to the top. 2.nd was Grupp LEGITgracze and to the third place with W/O victory finished hatzilim lelo maatzorim leaded by their mentor Jesus.

Also, have to raise a hat for the InTeam and HUN4CE who didn't have that much of a experience about BF3 8vs8 gaming, but they bravely fought to the end & didn't quit. Thats the spirit there! I'd hooah if I could...

We had one ban inputted to the list, player alias Verx, during the cup. He's GUID was linked with multiple MBi entries. But this is under investigation right now, it might really be that there's some biased info at PB about him. Status will be updated when we get more info from PB crew.

Also, merging with LevelBF isn't going to happen during this spring - so there's a possiblity for one more quick 8vs8 BF3 rumble here! This is going to be called SPRING RUSH, but it doesnt have anything to do with Rush -game mode... Sign-ups will be opened today and last to 12.4.2015. Gaming scheme will be season only without play-offs, with three different skill -divisions - HIGH, MID, LOW. You can sign-up your clan and contact me in which division your clan should play or write here in public about it. Minimum amount of clans per division will be 4 and maximum of 6. So this tournament should be finished till the end of may. Rules concept will be the same as we had with the WinterCup, though of course without the play-offs and player transfers will be opened. If we get enough sign-ups till this 12. day of april, SPRING RUSH will go live the next week, meaning starting from 13.4. on. Default gaming date will be SUNDAY 20:00 CET but clans can freely schedule their matches within the time period of 13.4. - 29.5. I allready have to apologize that I'm not going to be able to be online as much as I did with WinterCup due working issues, so taking care protests and other issues can take some more time.

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FINALS 2015-03-17 12:09, flag Seba


WP vs FU (Gold-game)


Legends vs HLM (Bronze-game)

Congratulations to WP and FU for fighting their way to the match where the king of the WinterCup 2015 will be crowned! These teams have met before, tight match, how it will end this time..? Legends and HLM will fight for the 3.rd and place of this tournament - last time it was W/O match between these two, how it'll be now?!

Scheduling of these matches will start right away, sadly we're not going to get these streamed due total disaster of the semi-finals streaming attempt. Before the real casting mod / full mod tools, Venice BF3 mod, comes out we're not able to cast any matches. If some of you players are streaming you can link the stream to the match comments.

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BF3 8vs8 - Stream 2015-03-12 21:44, flag Seba


13.03. 20:00 - BF3 WinterCup 2015

Team Legends vs. Foxtrot Unicorns



Match will be casted at :


This is going to be a match worth to watch for... Team Legends. Well, the name says it all - a team filled of legends! Foxtrot Unicorn - "new" names who doesnt ask. They shoot. Hard. They will meet at Seine & Caspian, legendary air and ground play ahead. It's worth of to watch this match, even just for the good old times... Get some popcorn and water (rated 18: good pilsner) & enjoy the action!

Click these links to view TEAM LEGENDS and FOXTROT UNICORNS

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Semi-finals! 2015-03-09 11:37, flag Seba



These teams made it to the play-offs stage and now are the semi-finals coming. They'll be WP vs HLM and Legends vs FU. Matches are created and search for the good match dates starts right now! Remember to check the rules, there's some minor differences comparing to regular season (mainly draw -situation etc.).

So whom are going to gold game and whose fighting for bronze..? GL & HF t all of you!

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WinterCup 2015 is over!
2015-03-27 03:40
by Jabberwock
there are like 9 teams, 3 divisons ...
WinterCup 2015 is over!
2015-03-26 23:59
by Jabberwock
I think actually we should make a c...
WinterCup 2015 is over!
2015-03-25 12:53
by Seba
Admins are going to have the final ...
WinterCup 2015 is over!
2015-03-25 12:39
by J4s0n96
i think that the teams should be pu...
2015-03-24 22:33
by Jabberwock
We will give WO to HLM since we kno...
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