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Season 7
IRC: bfstuff @quakenet
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: off
Players limit: 512
User's teams: YES (limit: 1)
New Website, Season 8 and more

We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had a good start into the New Year. There are many things planned for 2016 to make the upcoming seasons even better for you, the players. So let’s go through it one by one.

New Website

As you might know, the new BCL website has been in the works for quite some time now. Unfortunately there have been a couple of obstacles preventing us from releasing it earlier and we are sorry for that delay. However, we are happy to announce that the new website will go live on Sunday, 17.01.16.

On release, some of the features will include:

  • User sign up

  • Team creation / Joining teams

  • Team sign in for Season 8

  • Match pages

  • Overview of divisions / teams

As the website will constantly be worked on and enhanced to make it more user friendly, we are dependent on your (constructive) criticism, so if you don’t like certain things about it and/or have suggestions on how to improve certain aspects of the site don’t hesitate to contact us through or on Slack.

Season 8

The sign-in for Season 8 will take place in the first two weeks of February (01.02.16 -14.02.16).

Please note that if teams don’t sign in during that timeframe, they won’t be able to participate in Season 8. So please make sure you remember this.

The season itself is planned to start on 18.02.16 - however this date is not written in stone and might be delayed by an additional week, if necessary.

Update to ruleset + Survey

There will also be a major update to the existing BCL ruleset with the release of the new website, in order to make regulations clearer and more consistent.

As this is still a work in progress, we can’t tell you any details just now. However the areas that will be touched upon are most likely to include:

  • General team organization (e.g.: player transfers)

  • Tie-breaking procedures

Also, there will be a survey about Season 7 for team leaders only in the team leader Slack-channel. We kindly ask that you participate in this survey. It’s a good opportunity for us to get some feedback on the past season so we can modify and improve the rules accordingly. The survey will go live at the same time as this article does. If you're still not on the Slack visit and if you're not in the channel, ask any of the admin to add you.

Promotion/Relegation matches

The details about which team is going to be promoted or demoted to which Division will be announced in the next couple of days.

Four new admins + One new content maker

In case you didn’t already know, we have 4 new BCL admins to welcome, namely: Mr. Noises, Baaqo, Trindis & Jensem0nn.

Also, one new content maker joined the BCL crew: myself, TuffTone :P.

Community manager (EN)

We are currently looking for an English speaking person for the position of Community manager.

The CM will stay in close contact with the community by answering questions, tweeting and posting things on Facebook via the official BCL accounts. If you are interested, please contact one of the admins via Slack or email (

Slack + Contact us

On several occasions we mentioned Slack, as our major communications platform. We, again, highly recommend you to join us there (if you haven’t already).  You can request your invitation at

It provides a great forum in which everyone can discuss certain BCL related matters with players/admins as well as voice (constructive) criticism. Additionally, there are separate channels set up for people that are looking for scrims, players or teams to join.

On a side note, we are also currently working on another way for you to get in contact with admins in particular (details will follow soon).

BCL Highlights

Last but not least: If you have recorded entertaining footage of any kind (e.g. epic fails, skill plays, funny moments,…) during competitive 8v8 matches and wish to make it public via the official BCL channel, don’t hesitate to send it to this Email adress:

This will help us to further promote BCL and make it more known in and outside the BF4 player base.

2016-01-02 20:31  
I vote for iLL-Th0ughT to be our CM if he's active again. The only guy I know that can be trusted.

Please go through the feedback which we have provided you, because if you won't listen to us you'll suffer and we don't that to happen.
2016-01-02 19:02  
2016-01-02 18:27  
Hoaaah for Tufftone emo
2016-01-02 18:11  
I arent think that
2016-01-02 18:05  
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