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Season 7
IRC: bfstuff @quakenet
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: off
Players limit: 512
User's teams: YES (limit: 1)

BCL - Battlefield Conquest League

Battlefield 4 - 8vs8 Conquest - Season 7. Rules Concept


Battlefield Conquest League ( BCL ) is an open league for European teams which runs annual seasons. Season lenght varies depending on how large divisions there will be / how many clans will participate each season, usually taking around from two to tree months for a season to finish. Participating teams are divided into 6-12 clan divisions by their skill level, season at a time. Before the season begins, divisions are published and if needed teams can be switched from one to another.

Read the rules carefully through before you sign up! Also check out that your team fulfills therequired condition for gaming at BCL! After the sign-up for the upcoming season ends, admins are going to notify the clans who at that stage doesn't fullfill the required conditions; for instance lack of players in squad, invalid player ID's, etc. If these issues arent fixed within a week, the clan/clans are denied participating the season. Team leaders, read Help -section through from the main menu if you have problems!

Should you find conflicting rules or unclear information, it is your responsibility to contact the BCL staff for clarification before acting on the rules found within.

Beginning and ending of a season, and all the other most important news will be announced at frontpage post...



League is running 8 vs 8, Conquest Small. Tickets are set to be stable 252 on Conquest Small. The winner of the round is the one who has the most tickets at the end of the round.

During the season clans will play one match each week, default match day and time is Thursday 20:00 CET. Clans are allowed to change the date and time if both parties agree to switch the match. Clan who wants to change some date, should propose another one as soon as possible. If there is less than 48h untill the match should be played the date cannot be changed. Both teams are allowed not to accept any date changes. Last possible date to play your matches is last scheduled round (last default date on your schedule of the on-going season). If teams arent able to play some of their matches, scores will be nulled or given WO to the active partie.

Match has to start within the first 30 minutes from the dealed starting time or default match date and time. After the first 30 minutes the team whose ready to match is allowed to do an No Show -report. Also if opponent doesnt have atleast 6 players at dealed gaming server during the first 15 minutes from the match starting time, team is also allowed to do WO report. Read more from section 3.2 NO SHOW!

The playing team must consist of atleast 6 european players.


These maps are played in BCL:
Zavod 311 - MP_Abandoned - Conquest Small / ConquestSmall0
Lancang Dam - MP_Damage - Conquest Small / ConquestSmall0
Flood Zone - MP_Flooded - Conquest Small / ConquestSmall0
Golmud Railway - MP_Journey - Conquest Small / ConquestSmall0
Paracel Storm - MP_Naval - Conquest Small / ConquestSmall0
Hainan Resort - MP_Resort - Conquest Small / ConquestSmall0
Siege of Shanghai - MP_Siege - Conquest Small / ConquestSmall0
Rogue Transmission - MP_TheDish - Conquest Small / ConquestSmall0
Dawnbreaker - MP_Tremors - Conquest Small / ConquestSmall0

Map rotation schedule for upcoming Season:
8/10 20.00 CET : Hainan / Zavod 311
15/10 20.00 CET : Shanghai / Dawnbreaker
22/10 20.00 CET : Lancang / Rogue
29/10 20.00 CET : FloodZone / Golmud 311
5/11 20.00 CET : Paracel / Zavod
12/11 20.00 CET : Daenbreaker / Hainan
19/11 20.00 CET : Shanghai / Rogue

1.3 || SIGN-UP||

Before the season start there's certain Sign Up -time limit for clans to decide do they participate, announced at frontpage news and banner. If clan decides to participate, team leader will sign his clan from main menu SIGN UP -link. After signing, you should see your team in Sing up -section of main menu. Doing that you've got your clan to participate at upcoming season if it fulfills the required elements. Write the skill level / division of your team to "Additional info" part so admins can place teams into right divisions! We'll try to create divisions as equal as possible.


The following perks or items are not allowed to be used:

* Commander
* Motion Sensors
* Flash light and Tactical light
* IRNV Scopes on weapons
* Spawn beacon
* all Pick-ups (Battle pick up)
* all Laser painters (PLD, SOFLAM, Tank gunner SOFLAM)
* all DLC weapons and items
* XM-25 Airburst (XM25 DART and SMOKE allowed)
* Flashbangs
* All shotguns (including Shorty 12G)
* Paracel Storm will be played without E-flag
* Golmud Railway will be played without E-flag

If a team caps E-flag at any point of the round, the opposing team will win that round with 150 tickets automaticly.

After the Summer Patch (September 2015), in the unlocking "all" mode, all perks and gadgets are avalaible. Everything that is not written as forbidden is allowed to be used.


* Only 1 tank / 1 apc(IFV) allowed from "mainbase" at anytime, however if your tank/apc gets killed or hijacked ur allowed to use the second apc/tank from the mainbase.
* Stealing enemy resources from their mainbase is forbidden.
* All kind of usage of mobile anti-air is forbidden.
* All kind of usage of mobile artillery M142 is forbidden.
* The transport chopper is forbidden to be used in any kind of way on the map Flood Zone.
* Using jets is allowed only on the maps Golmud Railways and Rouge Transmission - Pilots arent allowed to spawn into their jets during the start-up timer!
* Spawning to jet ski / PWC arent allowed during the start-up timer.
* All kind of use of MAV is forbidden..
* There are no restrictions on light vehicles such as boats, jeeps and armored cars.
* All vehicles that spawn to flags are free to be operated by both teams (exception no usage of mobile Anti-Air and M142 artillery).

Entering vehicle is considered as usage of it, and it's not allowed with forbidden vehicles. Players are not allowed to drop with jets (exception Golmud Railway) or enter forbidden heavy vehicles that spawns at flags for cover. Team/player who breaks these rules are fined minimum of -100 ticket from the match end result. Read more from 6. CONFLICT!


BCL reserves exclusive right to the coverage of all BCL matches. This includes all forms of transmission, including Shoutcast-streams, Partner Broadcasts and POV Broadcasts. The BCL Staff can assign the coverage rights of a match or of several matches to a third party or to the actual players themselves. In general, the BCL Staff or Official Caster will contact any player or team if they wish to broadcast one of their matches. If no contact is made, individual players are allowed to arrange their own broadcasts. Should the game take place on a server that BCL administrators have no direct access to, it must be made sure that at least 2 (two) slots are available for official BCL Staff and/or Casters to join and perform their duties. Once a caster have made a request to cast a match at least 24h before the beginning of the match, teams are mandatory to provide the slots to the Caster and can’t refuse the cast of the game.

To apply for an official Caster position, please contact an admin and explain why you would need it.

Official list of Casters/Casting Organizations:



Battlefield Conquest League is a competitive eSports community, as such you are required to act and respond to user and staff content in a constructive and responsible manner.

Whilst all users have the right to express their own opinion, it is expected that members will respond to or create content on the BCL system in a mature and non abusive way. By registering to this system you have agreed to not post any abusive, illegal, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, racist, or sexually oriented materials whether depicted in media or text.

Battlefield Conquest League and it’s partners also have many public access areas such as its public TeamSpeak 3 server, its stream channels and its chat rooms, they are provided for your enjoyment and members who are felt to be ruining the enjoyment of others whilst using these services will be removed for a time period at the sole discretion of the admin team.

The official language on the BCL website is English. This will be the only language used for communication between teams.


Battlefield Conquest League is a competitive eSports community and as such all members joining this system are required to show good sportsmanship when competing in any of its leagues.

No team or member of a team has the right to degrade or talk down to another player or team based on its ability or skill level. Breaches of these rules can come with penalties/disciplinary measures as all members of the Battlefield Conquest League community are welcomed and encouraged to compete at whatever level they can achieve and we expect all members to encourage and support others in achieving the highest standard of competitiveness possible.


Server settings:

Punkbuster: ON
FriendlyFire: ON
TeamBalance: OFF
KillCam: OFF
MiniMap: ON
3rd Person Vehicle Cameras: ON
CrossHair: ON
3DSpotting: ON
MiniMapSpotting: ON
HardCore: OFF
Regenerate Health: ON
Ticketratio: 252 (vars.gameModeCounter 63)
Startdelay: 60s
Vehicles: ON
Vehicles Spawn Time: 100%
Spawn only on Squadleader: OFF
Commander: OFF
Spectators: ON, whitelisted for casters
Unlocks: all unlocked
Timelimit: 30 min

Here's rules for direct server settings -input:

vars.serverType Private
vars.serverName "SERVER NAME - 8vs8 BCL CQ"
admin.password "RCON PASSWORD"
vars.gamePassword "GAME PASSWORD"
vars.serverDescription "BCL 8vs8 CQ"
vars.alwaysAllowSpectators false
vars.maxSpectators 2
vars.maxPlayers 18
vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed true
vars.commander false
vars.gameModeCounter 63
vars.forceReloadWholeMags 0
vars.friendlyFire true
vars.idleTimeout 0
vars.teamKillCountForKick 0
vars.teamKillValueForKick 0
vars.teamKillValueIncrease 1
vars.teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond 0
vars.autoBalance false
vars.killCam false
vars.miniMap true
vars.3dSpotting true
vars.miniMapSpotting true
vars.3pCam true
vars.idleBanRounds 0
vars.hitIndicatorsEnabled 1
vars.unlockMode "all"
vars.vehicleSpawnDelay 100
vars.bulletDamage 100
vars.nameTag true
vars.regenerateHealth true
vars.roundRestartPlayerCount -1
vars.roundStartPlayerCount -1
vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn false
vars.soldierHealth 100
vars.hud true
vars.playerManDownTime 100
vars.playerRespawnTime 100
reservedSlotsList.aggressiveJoin true
vars.roundLockdownCountdown 60
vars.RoundTimeLimit 50
vars.roundWarmupTimeout 600

2.1 || GGC-Stream ||

In BCL GGC-Streaming of the server is mandatory! You can find all information about GGC and how to install it to your server here -> or contact a admin for advice!



Each team must have at least 8 active players to be accepted to the upcoming season. Players needs to be put into teams roster before the first match of the season. During the season clans are allowed to change / add more players into their roster the whole season through. All players must be registered on the website and have their Battlelog username entered in their profile. The player must also be added as an active player in the league in the "Team Management" section (example picture below). It is also up to the Team leader to ensure that the right Battlelog ID is filled in when the player is activated for the team. Guideline is that the team leaders/owners build up their seasonal squad before the season goes live!

Individual player can belong to only a one active team/clan for ongoing season. Player is allowed to switch hes team but can belong only to a one squad at a time. There is no maximum limit of switching your team but admins will advert to constant team switching; this means we dont allowe people to jump from a team to another without a good reason!

3.2 || NO SHOW ||

Team needs to have atleast 6 players online on the dealed matchserver 15 minutes after the start-time of the match (default thursday 20.00 CET) and match has to start within 30min from the starting time if delay isn't dealed, otherwise the opponent will get a WO/forfeit victory (if the opponent has 8 players on the server ready to match). Example: match time 20:00 - 20:15 teams have to have atleast 6 players on server - 20:30 match has to start, with 6 or more players. Match can be played 6vs8 or 7vs8 if another team cannot get 8 players.

* WO-Victory = 150 tickets / round, so having an full forfeit victory over a opponent your team will gain 3 points by 600-0 ticket win.

If teams arent able to contact each others any way, then the default date and time will be considered as their official match date and time. Allways try to contact your opponent or atleast write into match comment -area to avoid no-show issues! Also read section 4.1!


Before the start of each match, both team captains should check if the opponent has a player in match server who is not in opponents BCL roster/squad (called Freelancer). Maximum amount of freelancers playing for a team is two players. Every player whose not active can be a freelancer to any team, but the opposing team have to accept the usage of freelancer/s. Freelancer cannot be brought into a match during it without having an approval from opponent. Team has to bring their freelancers into match server before the first live round or atleast introduce possible freelancers they might have to use before going live. If the game starts without checking the players or if an agreement is made between the teams that it is authorized to use a freelancer, it has been approved by the teams and therefore there can not be any protest filled against this rule. If you dont agree that a team is playing with freelancers you need to have screenshots of the teams squad + screens from ingame and send a protest to us. Protests should be sent to:


"Home team" is obligated to provide an server for the match. Home team also can choose which side (US, CN or RU) they'll start the first map. Challenger/2.nd team is allowed to decide their starting side (US, CN or RU) on second map. Maps will be played in that order they're put into the match sector/details. Teams are allowed to change the gaming order of the maps if both parties agree to. Home team is the one whose name/tag is the first one in match details, an example below:

Team Xapso vs. eXplicit | 10.10.2011 20:00 CET| Caspian / Shargi - in this example Team Xapso is the home team and first map to be played is Caspian Border, Xapso is allowed to select their starting side (US or RU) at Caspian and eXplicit at Shargi.

Server where match is going to be played needs to be accepted by both parties. Test server before going live! If server is unplayable to more than 2 players of the team, another one needs to be tested if there's another one available. When live round is started, it cannot be stopped due server/lag issues! Remember, server is allways an compromise. No team should play on a unplayable laggy server, so respect your opponent if they say your server is bad for them. Try to find good solution with your opponent what comes to the server! If you cannot find one good server to play at, split the match; first would be played on server A and second on server B!

Servers for matching in Nordic League should be located at European Union area and have no more than 150ms ping. Also read section 6.3 SERVER CRASH!

3.5 || IN-GAME RULES ||

* Live -round begins when both teams are agreed to be ready. Team can stop live round 2 times in row during the timer. After the timer has ended, round is live!

* Before the start-up timer ends contesting or capping any of the flags with any possible procedur is forbidden.

* It is allowed to replace all in all up to four players during the match.

* No pauses are allowed through a round.

* If player is having connection problems during a round or otherwise cannot continue gaming through the round, it's allowed to replace that player. A maximum of 2 players can be replaced in a one single round. If team is going to replace quitting player with a freelancer, the freelancer has to be accepted by the opponent, in-game or before the match.

3.6 || SPECTATORS ||

Official match server needs to set the way that only whitelisted spectators can join the game. Spectator/spectators name(s) whose going to spectate will be announced atleast 24h before the match is going live. Spectators will be used only for casting or admining certain matches and it's not used for every BCL match. It'll be used for especially interesting face-off's or if some match requires replay and live admining to get it played by the rules. Only whitelisted Battlelog ID's below are allowed to spectate matches.

If the listed name/player belongs to some active BCL teams roster, hes not allowed to spectate matches of hes own team.

Spectator whitelist (Battlelog):




Contact your opponent somehow before the match. For example, use BCL league site where you can post into your match comments or use league sites personal messenger. Exchange server infos plus let your enemy know if you would want to change something (match date & time) or ask do they allowe usage of freelancer for instance. Every match/clanwar needs to be confirmed by both teams to avoid no-show issues. Confirm you have or that you dont have line-up ready atleast 24h before the actuall matching time! If team doesnt confirm their match 24h before the scheduled time (write their confimation to war comments) opposing team is allowed to take WO victory if they provide a screenshot with a date and time included which shows they had have full line-up ready on some match server at the dealed/default match time.

4.2 || WILD CARD ||

Every team has acess to "1" Wild Card during the season.

What is a Wild Card? - A wild card can be used to force a match to a another date, if the teams can´t agree about a new date the admins should be contacted as soon as possible and it will be up to the admins to decide a new day/time.

How do i use the Wild Card? - A wild card cant be used if its less then 24 hours to the match start, if a wild card wants to be used the leader from the team has to write in the match comment that they want to use the wild card and at the same time suggest a new date/time for the match.


5.1 || POINT SYSTEM ||

A match in Nordic League consists of 2 maps, where you are able to get 1 point for each won map. A map is won by the team with the highest amount of tickets for that map. An additional point will be given for the team with the highest amount of total tickets (sum of both maps). There will however only be awarded points for victories. In case of a draw on a map, no point will be awarded for the map. If both teams ends up with the same amount of total tickets (sum of both maps), no additional point will be awarded. The following scenarios can occur:

Team 1 vs Team 2 = 3-0 : Team 1 has won both maps, and by that got the highest amount of total tickets.

Team 1 vs Team 2 = 2-1 : Both teams has won a map each, but the additional point goes to “Team 1” for having the highest amount of total tickets, seen over both maps.

Team 1 vs Team 2 = 2-0 : Team 1 has won one map, but the other map ended in a draw (no points given for that map). That results in Team 1 having earned the highest amount on tickets, seen over both maps, and Team 1 are therefore awarded with the additional point also.

Team 1 vs Team 2 = 1-1 : Both teams won one map each. But both teams ended up with the same amount of total tickets, seen over both maps (ex: 120-80 and 20-60). No additional point is awarded due to a match draw.

Team 1 vs Team 2 = 0-0 : Both maps ended in draws, and therefore no points will be awarded at all.


The clanleader/team owner of the winning team submits the score into the match comments and clan who lost has to accept the score by posting an approval. If approval isn't posted within 6h after the match has ended, posted scrore is considered automaticly approved. Clans are allowed to do protest for 48h after the match has ended. Admins will update the score into the leagues ranking as soon as possible.

Report like this:

1. round: TEAM1 150 - 0 TEAM2
2. round: TEAM1 77 - 89 TEAM2

1. round: TEAM1 203 - 0 TEAM2
2. round: TEAM1 95 - 0 TEAM2

Points 3-0 for TEAM1

Example: FiRe vs. BS | 2012-11-08

Screenshots of tickets arent required to get match confirmed if opponent approves the result aswell. Still we encourage clans to take screenshots from the end screen so the result cannot be opposed!


If, at the end of the season, two or more teams finish with an identical amount of points, the following steps will be taken until a champion is determined.

Two teams
Highest number of victories
Head-to-head (§ 5.1 is still in effect)
Lowest amount of total tickets lost (season)
A deciding game must be played, where each team picks one map (§ 5.1 is still in effect)

Three or more teams
Highest number of victories
Head-to-head (§ 5.1 is still in effect) *
Lowest amount of total tickets lost (season)
Highest amount of total tickets won (season)
Lowest amount of total tickets lost (between the equal teams only)
Highest amount of total tickets won (between the equal teams only)

* With three or more teams equal, head-to-head will be determined based on results only between those teams. No results against other teams will be taken into consideration. The team with the highest amount of points wins.


If you feel something unacceptable happened or rules have been broken and you can not solve the issue/problem with your opponent then contact any of the admins and explain what happened or send protest.

Protests should be sent by e-mail to:

Protests should have the following information:
*Include all the needed info or evidence you have in it; like screenshot, link to stream, etc.
*Describe the problem properly! What the protest consists of or/and against whom!
*If it's an delicate matter keep it quiet and let admins do their job before flaming all over!

Match Protests need to the fullfill following requirements to be eligble for review:
*The protest is made within the 72 hour period after initial start time of Match posted on website.(The initial start time is either the default BCL time or a new matchday/time that was agreed upon by both teams.)
*The protest is made within the 72 hour period after the official BCL anouncement of a player being banned for cheating, and the player must have been playing in the auctal match you are protesting.

*We encourage teams to have good sportsmanship here with these issues! Accidents do happen, before doing protest let the enemy team know what they're doing wrong. If you cannot solve the issue with your opponent then contact admins. As said, admins will take a look individually into every conflict.


* Any use of cheats and glitches in the game is obviously strictly prohibited.

* The player who gets taken for cheating will immediately receive a 2 year ban from BCL.

* If a player already has a ban for cheating(Punkbuster, GGC-stream, ESL ect.) in either Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4, on either main or secondary account, that is less than 1 year old the player is not allowed to play in BCL. If a team uses a player that has a ban for cheating less than a year old it would be considered using a cheater. The player will also receive 2 years ban starting from the time he last got taken for cheating.

* If a player has a ban for cheating(Punkbuster, GGC-stream, ESL ect.) in Battlefield 4, on either main or secondary account, that is more than 1 year old the player can apply for permission to play. Depending on how old the cheating-ban, and where you are banned from, there can be some terms that the player has to do(recording for example) if the player gets permission to play. If a player don't get permission before playing, it would be considered using a cheater.

* If a player has a ban for cheating that is older than 2 years it will not be taken into consideration and you don't need to apply for permission

* If a player receive a ban from BCL and that runs out, he still need to apply for permission to play.

* Admins can at any given time without furter reason demand a player to record there gameplay.


* All external programs controlling or editing Battlefield 4 are for forbidden, except BF4 Settings Editor.

6.4 || SERVER CRASH ||

If the server which clans have chosen to play their match at or some rounds of the match crashes during a live round, clans have three options to choose from how they proceed. It's up to the clans to negotiate between themself which option they choose to go on with! If both teams doesnt agree to go on with OPTION 1. or 2., then OPTION 3. is forced to be the procedure.

OPTION 1. Use the last ticket amount recorded/remembered as a result of the round. Deal with your opponent, both teams needs to accept this method!

OPTION 2. Replay the whole round. Start a fresh round and ignore the scores of the crashed round. Deal with your opponent, both teams needs to accept this method!

OPTION 3. Play a new fresh round and include tickets of the crashed round into the round score. Example : when crash happened situation was Team A 132 - 49 Team B. Then a new round was played, score Team A 59 - 0 Team B. Final score of the match round is Team A (132+59=191) - (49+0=49) Team B.

If server crashes more than twice during a match, enemy is allowed to demand server change or postpone the match/rest of the match to another date.


The Admin team uses the following system as a basis to penalize and or saction players/teams for breaking rules or unwanted behaviour, the Admin team may deviate from the system at their sole discretion.


When a player/team breaks the rules they can/will receive penalty points to their name based of their violation and the admin evaluation. The penalty points will accumelate during one season and are resetted for the next season (except for the bans).

Rule ViolationNumber of penalty points
General Violations
No show Team : 2
Abort match Team : 2
Use of ineligible player
From another active team Player / Team : 3
BCL banned Player / Team : 6
Untold old ban (1 year+) Player : 3; Team : 2
Untold recent ban (1 year-) Player : 6; Team : 4
Unregistered in team squad Player / Team : 2
Unsportmanlike behaviour
Multiple accounts Player : 2
Fake result Player / Team : 3
Fake match Player / Team : 6
Cheating Player : 10; Team : 6
Use of forbidden weapon Player / Team : 1
Steal unoccupied vehicle in spawn Player / Team : 6
GGC-Stream unused Team : 3

A player or team can receive the following sanctions based of their penalty points

Amount of pointsPenalty points sanctions
3 Suspended for next match
6 Suspended for current season
9 1 year ban
10+ 2 years ban
4 Default loss for next match
9 Default loss for all match of current season
10 Default loss for all match of current season & one-season ban for team owner


Beside the penalty point system, a ticket penalty exists aswell. The ticket penalties applies to the match where the rule violation was made. The ticket penalties here described is for the team that made the violation. A default loss consists in an erasing of the result and in a fixed amount of tickets for the match, which is 600-0 in favor of the other team.

Rule ViolationNumber of ticket penalties
General Violations
No show Default loss
Use of ineligible player
From another active team Minus 200 tickets
BCL banned Minus 300 tickets
Untold old ban (1 year+) Minus 400 tickets
Untold recent ban (1 year-) Minus 500 tickets
Unregistered in team squad Minus 150 tickets
Unsportmanlike behaviour
Multiple accounts Minus 150 tickets
Fake result Default loss
Fake match Default loss
Cheating Default loss
Use of forbidden weapon/Loadout Minus 75 tickets
Use of Battle pickup Minus 125 tickets
Steal unoccupied vehicle in spawn Minus 150 tickets
GGC-Stream unused Minus 250 tickets

The crew:


Jonne (Head Admin)
Geruled (Admin)
Caponx (webmaster)



Battlefield Conquest League - BCL