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Season 7
IRC: bfstuff @quakenet
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: off
Players limit: 512
User's teams: YES (limit: 1)
2015-09-19Should we ban the CZ/Famas? NO
2015-06-14Do you want the shotgun banned in BNL in the future ? NO
2015-05-22Would u play S7 during the summer? NO
2015-05-14How was Flood without chopper? NO
2015-02-01Jets on more then 1 map? NO
2014-11-30Should we ban Transport helli on Flood? NO
2014-10-01What do u think about BNL? NO
2014-08-12Should we allow jets in BNL? NO
2014-08-05Should we allow DLC maps? NO
2014-06-07Who should we let in? NO
2014-05-19When should we start S3? NO
2014-03-23What do u think about BNL? NO
2014-03-06What a game in round 1 would you like to have live casted ? NO
2014-02-19Interested in a BF2 League? NO
2014-01-07GGC-stream, mandatory in BNL? NO
2013-11-21Commander allowed - Yes or No? NO
2013-10-283D spotting - Yes or No? (Test) NO
Battlefield Conquest League - BCL